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Some updates to my home office

Last month I wrote a short piece on my home office setup. I wanted to follow up on that as I’ve added a few additional pieces of equipment, particularly I’ve improved my web camera significantly.

Webcam, camera, and stand for mounting

I had previously used a Logitech C920 web cam instead of the Macbook standard webcam and the big change to my setup was adding a Fujifilm X-T200. The camera is a mirrorless body and I managed to pick up a deal which included a FUJINON XC15-45mm F3.5-5.6 OIS PZ lense. The deal and the fact that Fujifilm is one of several camera manufacturers who enabled their cameras to be used as USB web cams with a firmware update.

In order to complete the setup I got a microphone stand, a Rode DS1 Microphone Desk Stand with a CAMVATE 1/4” Male to 5/8” Female Microphone Stand Adapter to convert the microphone thread to a standard camera thread. The final part to mount the camera was a JOBY BallHead 3K, I love Joby’s kit and whilst slightly more expense than other mounting options I’m happy to pay a premium for solid, reliable kit.

Charging, Extra Batteries, Lens Hood and Lense filter

The camera does charge via USB but it’s quite slow to charge (~6 hours). I found a great little charger that both quick and takes two batteries, Nitecore FX1 Fujifilm W126/W126s 2 Hour Dual Slot.

There isn’t a way to easily power the camera from mains power whilst it is in use so I also picked up to two additional batteries, a HL-F126S TWIN PACK. I can easily juggle to my old webcam and swap the battery for meetings so I’m not too worried about this so far.

In order to protect the lense, I got a Hoya Pro-1 Digital Protector and a JJC Lens Hood. I hope these aren’t needed to protect the lense but if they are I’d much prefer for both of these to take the damage rather than the lense.

Chair mounted Green Screen

I finally managed to find a green screen that would work with the limited space I had. The Gig Gear Cam-A-Lot Video Conferencing Background Privacy Screen (Green/White) which simply folds out and sits on the back of your chair.

A pair of blue light glasses

I have to admit using and abandoning a prior set of blue light glasses as they weren’t a good fit. Second time round, I’d seen a few folks talk about Ambr Eyewear for blue light glasses (here’s looking at Alan, Pat, and Jess Kelly) so I went and got a pair of Zenith glasses from them. A week on and I have to admit they do appear to be helping and most importantly they fit well so I’m much more likely to be wearing them for the long term.

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