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Introduction to Modern Databases

I’m delighted to announce the public availabilty for a project I created the content for “Introduction to Modern Databases”. It is a new free course for educators, instructors, teachers, whether at universities, boot camps, or other learning institutions. It is a free set of materials containing twenty-two lessons in slide format that can be used partly or fully for teaching needs.

Introducton to Modern Database reflections

It has been a number of months of work to get our new free course for educators released. I was fortunate to be assisted by Ken Alger for the technical review and by Bree Grosshandler for the design review. I had thought that my contributions to writing “MongoDB: The Definitive Guide, 3rd” was going to be one of my most impactful contributions to the wider MongoDB community but I think the twenty two lessons in this course will likely top this for impact.

I’ve been really privileged that MongoDB has supported my earlier work with the book and most recently with the “Introductions to Modern Databases” course. I know the book has made an impact from the feedback I’ve received and I’m really looking forward to hearing and learning from educators about how the course helps them and enables their students in their MongoDB learnings.

Course highlights for me as I developed it

There are a number of highlights in the project for me. I think the most fun one was working with the “MongoDB Web Shell”, indeed I got a number of contributions accepted to get it updated. I hadn’t realized what a helpful tool it is to have a MongoDB shell in your browser. I hope this environment will lower the barrier to adoption of MongoDB as there is now no requirement for any installed software as a requirement beyond that of a web browser.

I had the pleasure to work with a number of academics who were working on their own courses using early versions of this material or who helped us review the material as we developed it. This was really useful validation from the academic side that help hone and nudge the material to the most apprioriate form for eduators.

Having the MongoDB CTO, Mark Porter, reviewed quite a bit of the course and provide some really solid actionable feedback that helped improve a number of aspects throughtout the course. Mark is a database expert and long-time expert in the field. He delfts added a number of comments that were both unexpected and really helpful. Thanks again Mark!

Further information on the course

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