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Introduction to Modern Databases 

I’m delighted to announce the public availabilty for a project I created the content for “Introduction to Modern Databases”. It is a new free course for educators, instructors, teachers, whether at universities, boot camps, or other learning institutions. It is a free set of materials containing twenty-two lessons in …

MongoDB The Definitive Guide 3rd Edition Available 

The book is now available as eBook with the paperback version due by the end of the Month. You can also read it directly on O’Reilly’s Learning Platform.

It is fantastic to see the book and my name on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition Amazon Listing

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition - Barnes & Noble Barnes …

Making a landing page for MongoDB The Definitive Guide 

In advance of the book launch later in December I’ve been doing a little preparation. It turns out that Github is proving not just a useful location for the source code but that it also is an excellent place to host the book’s website/landing page.

I owe …

Co-authoring MongoDB: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition 

I’d been holding off on this post for the last few months as I’d being asked by Shannon Bradshaw to help write the third edition of “MongoDB: The Definitive Guide”. I wanted to wait until it was well underway and by the time I’d gotten back to …

Data Pipelines with Python and MongoDB 

PyCon 2015 / MongoDB Days 2015 UK

I had the pleasure of presenting at PyCon 2015 and also at MongoDB Days UK 2015 on building data pipelines with Python and MongoDB.

Both of my talks source’s and examples are in Github repos, PyCon 2015 and MongoDB Days UK 2015. The PyCon talk was aimed at introducing …