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Krisp Audio Hijacked Loopbacked Zoom Calls 

I wanted to write up a short post around the audio setup I am using for my day-to-day Zoom Calls. It might be helpful to others and it’s really given my audio setup a lift.

This post covers the specific details that my earlier post didn’t as I …

Even more updates to my home office 

This post follows two earlier posts (here and here), which describe my furniture and equipment. This post focuses on three very optional pieces of equipment that I have added, an 8-way surge protector, a headphone amplifier, and an upgrade to my USB hub. I also figured I would mention an …

Some updates to my home office 

Last month I wrote a short piece on my home office setup. I wanted to follow up on that as I’ve added a few additional pieces of equipment, particularly I’ve improved my web camera significantly.

Webcam, camera, and stand for mounting

I had previously used a Logitech C920 …

My home office and it’s bill of materials 

My home office is literally a desk in the corner of a bedroom which is returned to use as a bedroom after I finish work. All the setup and gear I has to fit this requirement.


A fold away desk isn’t a typical order but in Dublin there …